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Triple Seven Paragliders

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The Triple 777 team have had many years experience testing for other manufacturers. With many top competitions results and world records, this ignited a passion to design their own gliders, so based in Slovenia Triple 777 was born.
S&W are a DEMO centre and hold test gliders to try before you buy, get in touch for more details.

Knight 2
The Knight 2 is designed quite specifically for ambitious newcomers to our sport, to make expanding their skills after the first part of the schooling journey is completed easy and stress-free. It has ample performance to take them on long XC flights both over mountains and flatlands, and it has the handling and the ease of use to make every outing into a pure learning experience – seasoned with fun in spades of course, just like any other Triple Seven wing.

Rook 3
We’re often told that “it isn’t the wing, it’s the pilot”. And while it is true that no wing will make a bad pilot great, it’s also true that an extraordinary wing WILL seriously improve your flying! The Rook 3 (EN B) is that wing; a paraglider to make the very most of YOUR skills.

Queen 2
The new Queen2 went through a total redesign compared to its successful predecessor. The goal was to bring another dimension of performance into the EN C class, and we feel certain that this ambitious goal has been reached. The Queen2 excels in many ways, by bringing not only the best performance in its class, but also by being a very well-mannered royal lady in the air. We think of the Queen 2 as a “mid-level” EN C glider which will fulfill and supersede the expectations of any pilots going big in this class.
Preserving the aspect ratio nearly unchanged compared to the predecessor, the Queen2 will inspire confidence in all the variable conditions which you may face during long XC flights.

Queen 3
Coming Soon! Contact us for more information.

K-light 2
In the EN B class, everything comes down to confidence – improved skills only happen when you have complete confidence in your wing. 777 built the new Knight 2 around this simple premise. The launch phase is obviously no less important to ensure that you’re as relaxed, as confident as you can possible be once you’re airborne. The Knight 2 inspires confidence from the moment you unpack it, and carries that sensation with it into the skies, so you may concentrate on expanding your skillset and your knowledge of the skies.

R-light 3
The R-light 3 is our lightweight version of the legendary Rook model series. Built just like the Rook 3 but using light materials and technology, it is a wing that is made for aerial adventure. It is the perfect tool for combining high-level XC paragliding with serious hiking – in the air, this wing will go everywhere a normal Rook 3 goes, and on the ground, it will go at least one place where the standard Rook doesn’t go – into a small backpack!

The Q-light is the latest step in our ongoing push to make lightweight versions of all our wings. Our background for this push is the fact that the PG world is going LITE, something we fully support, and we want our product range to reflect that fact. The Q-light inherits all of the design and flying characteristics of the Queen 2, but it does so in an even lighter, more agile package. In the air you’ll be hard pushed to even notice the difference, but on launch and when you are walking towards it the difference is clear – this is a thoroughbred race horse in a para-alpinist disguise. Use it for your own long-distance adventures, or use it like a Queen 2 that saves you some sweating whenever you carry it around!




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