Advance Success 4


The classic gets even better!



The SUCCESS 4 comes out in November. This modern sports harness is not just a revamp of the popular SUCCESS series. The back protector is longer, there’s now an additional one for the spine, the harness also has SAS-TEC side crash protection – this is the beginning a new era of harness safety.

The performance of these outstanding SUCCESS 4 safety and protection features far exceeds the current protector certification criteria. To achieve this we have positioned an additional back protector in this sport harness – intended for leisure and cross country pilots – to protect the lumbar region. To absorb the effects of a low blow to the pelvis side protection has been fitted for the first time. It is made with technology from the innovative German protector manufacturer SAS-TEC.

Some popular features of the previous harness have been retained. These include easy sitting in after takeoff, sliding upright before landing, simple reserve release, and an elegant, sporty, clean-looking outline.

The SUCCESS 4 will be available in three sizes, S (155 – 172 cm), M (165 – 187 cm) and L (175 – 202 cm), and two new colour schemes: Pacific Blue/Fire Red and Coffee Brown/Fusion Yellow. First deliveries will arrive at our dealers during November. The harness will be on display during the Coupe Icare from the 22nd to 25th of September in St. Hilaire, and its comfort tested in the harness simulator.

Optional stirrup and speed bar kit available (see photo).

155 to 172cm



S+W Verdict:

“The Advance Success 3 was great, the 4 is even better! Lighter and more protective! Comfortable, light and great protection! Coupled to the stirrup compatability and great build. What more do you want? Not cheap, but perfection rarely is.”

Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions80 × 50 × 50 cm

small, medium, large