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Basisrausch Graphit


3.5 Season Perfection



The Graphit, is Basisrausch’s new 3.5-season leather glove, specific designed for warmth with Thinsulate and cashmere insulation. It’s been developed with input from Chrigel Maurer among others, to retain the excellent feel and grip of the well-tried Kristall Ergo, but in a warmer version. The aim with the launch of the Graphit is not to offer the warmest possible glove, but to find the perfect balance between warmth – excellent feeling and grip which is an important interaction for paragliding.

Its goatskin outer and flexible windproof barrier are similar to the Kristall’s, but the inner insulation layer is a seamless construction with both cashmere and Thinsulate insulation, for optimal warmth without bulk. The used materials also promote the removal of moisture, keeping the insides comfortable and dry.
It can be used in combination with the Onyx overglove for extra protection / windblocker in really cold conditions.


S+W Verdict:

“Not cheap, but fantastically put together with a list of quality materials. Should last for years. The Graphit is a perfect weight for UK use in our opinion, perhaps a little too warm on the warmest summer days, but perfect for spring and autumn. The long cuff should keep out drafts, and the fit and feel is really impressive.”