Black Crows Camox


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Organic and linear improvements for this incomparable mid-fat all terrain ski which is reputed for its tolerance and playfulness.

This modernisation hinges around a very progressive flex and the lengthening of the side so as to strengthen its great manoeuvrability and its hold at high speed. This new progressive and supple flex makes it even better to handle and more adapted to progression, confirming its DNA derived from freestyle ; whereas the lengthening of its side lines give a more effective and more stable edge. Creativity for everybody on all types of terrain.


Mid-fat waist: 97 mm.

Double rocker: manoeuvrability and great pivot.

Medium long side-cut: 20m, stability at high speed, great balance between firmness and manoeuvrability.

Medium classic camber: classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact, creating a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

Progressive flex: comfortable and friendly.


Size Details:


tip: 13.1 cm

waist: 9.7 cm

tail: 11.9 cm

radius: 20 m



tip: 13.0 cm

waist: 9.7 cm

tail: 11.8 cm

radius: 20 m



tip: 12.9 cm

waist: 9.7 cm

tail: 11.7 cm

radius: 20 m


S+W Verdict:

“One of the most well loved and respected directional twin skis. The Camox has become legendary for it’s playfulness and versatility. If you view the entire mountain as your playground then this has got to be on your shortlist.”


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