Black Crows Camox 2018-19

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Mid-fat, very responsive and tolerant – the camox is especially good for all-terrain conditions.

The Black Crows Camox is a great all-round ski thanks to a tip and tail which are efficient on soft snow and a solid flex underfoot which gives good grip on hardpack.



  • medium width = 97mm waist.
  • double rocker = easy to handle with good control and pivot.
  • medium classic camber = classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact giving a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.
  • double beak profile = light rocker in the tail (10%) and in the tip (19%), camber underfoot (71%).
  • medium flex, stiff underfoot and softer through the tip and tail = comfortable during the turn and efficient on all types of terrain.
  • medium radius = 18m



  • Poplar
  • Triaxial and biaxial fibreglass carbon kevlar stripes
  • ABS sidewall semi-cap step down
  • Fat edges
  • Black base


S+W Verdict:

“The guys at Black Crows have put some real thought into creating a seriously versatile ski. The medium underfoot width and varying amounts of flex are combined with the interesting profile, where a classic camber underfoot is paired with tip and tail rocker, to create a ski that will perform in a wide variety of conditions. Black Crows is a freeski brand through and through, and that shines through in the Camox: it’s a playful ski designed to put a smile on your face wherever you are on the mountain.”



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