G3 Splitboard+ Universal Skin


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For any location and all conditions. Universal nylon plush material for durability and versatility. Optimal balance of grip/glide/weight/durability



New camming tail connector:

Eliminating the need for difficult positioning and hard pulling to affix the tail strap, the new SPLITBOARD+ tail connector features a straight edge to line up on your board and a simple camming clip that requires very little effort and will hold the tail strap in place with confidence.

G3 Splitboard + tail clip Screen Shot 1



Assymetrical tip connector:

G3’s splitboard skin tip connectors are inspired by our ski skins, but custom tailored for splitboards. The low profile, self-aligning stainless

steel hand on each skin tip allows for a secure, lightweight connection on any board shape.

G3 Splitboard+ nose clips Screen Shot 1



Pre-cut straight edge:

The tip and tail connections and the straight edge of the skin fabric are all built to naturally align with your board out of the box.

You only need to trim the shaped edge of the skin to dial in a custom fit.



New sizing with more overlap:

The sizing curve for the SPLITBOARD+ skins reflects real user needs and positions the most popular board lengths in the middle

of a size. The S/M and M/L skins overlap for 8 cm allowing splitters who fall within that range a choice to have more skin fabric fo

additional coverage or less material for weight savings

G3 Splitboard+ sizing overlap Screen Shot 1


Other Features:

G3 Splitboard + other features Screen Shot 1



Skin Width:



Board Length Chart:

S/M 140mm: Recommended board length 144-162 cm

M/L 140mm: Recommended board length 154-172 cm


Weight Chart:

S/M 140mm: 320 g / 11.3 oz

M/L 140mm: 350 g / 12.4 oz



S+W Verdict:

“A fantastic all conditions skin splitboard skin with some excellent features. G3 have sweated the details to update the tip, tail and shape design and improved the adhesives to make these a super easy to use and reliable skin.”




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