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Gin Gingo 3


All-round harness for leisure, sport and XC pilots.



The Gingo 3 is aimed at leisure, sport and cross country pilots who prefer the precise handling of a seat board and the safety features of a 17cm foam back protector.

Confidence-inspiring comfort

The Gingo 3 is designed to provide confidence and comfort in the air so that you can have the most fun possible whilst staying safe. The Gingo 3 strikes an ideal balance between transmission and damping of glider movement and this can also be further tuned to your taste via the adjustable cross-braced chest strap. In turns, feedback is well co-ordinated and the handling is precise. Due to these excellent characteristics, the Gingo is the go-to harness of the GIN R&D team.

Safe, simple and light

The Gingo 3 features numerous improvements compared to the Gingo 2. A re-shaped under-seat rescue container allows easier rescue extraction. In addition, the shoulder suspension points for the rescue have been re-designed for a more optimal landing position in case of a rescue deployment. Harness adjustments are simple to make both on the ground and in the air. The Gingo 3 is 2kg lighter and more compact than its predecessor—it’s both light to carry and easy to pack. High quality materials are used throughout, ensuring a long product life.

Clean and aerodynamic

3D shaping, simulation and testing have produced the most aerodynamic harness possible. The harness has a neat, clean profile that both looks good and performs well.


> 3 click buckles with T-lock safety system

> Under-seat rescue container (redesigned with unique complete opening of the container)

> 2 side pockets + 1 big back pocket with radio and camel back holder

> Towing attachment points

> Optional 17cm GinSoft III back protection and side protection

> Optional light carbon seat plate (save up to 400g)

> Attachment points to add an optional foot stirrup


< 175cm170-185cm> 180cm

The height information in the table is for reference only.


4.2 kg (M size)

S & W Verdict

Considerably lighter than its predecessor without any reduction in safety or comfort! Great for everyday use.