Gin Paragliders

Gin have a wing for all pilot abilities, from novice to competition pilot.

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Bolero 6:
From the first day on the training hill to regular cross country flights, the Bolero 4 will be your faithful partner and will bring the best out of you in any situation.

Atlas 2 (coming soon):
The Atlas 2 is suitable for beginning to intermediate pilots. In terms of comfort, ease-of-use and safety, the Atlas sits at the lower end of the EN B class. Yet the climb and glide performance in challenging conditions is ideal for long XC flights and has to be experienced to be believed

Sprint 3:
The Sprint 3 is a semi light wing in the sports intermediate class, with pilots enjoying comfort in active air, co-ordinated precision in thermals and great glide performance:

The new lightweight sports performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots