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With Aerospace, Julbo has created the first goggle that works just as well when climbing as hurtling down the mountain! This goggle came about in response to feedback from riders on the approach routes, before tackling the virgin slopes. To avoid misting during ascents, the SuperFlow System enables the screen to edge forward for greater ventilation, while remaining perfectly protected from the sun’s rays. Add to that the very best Julbo technologies: a spherical screen and Minimalist Frame for XXL vision. Aerospace is available with all the Julbo photochromic technical screens: Zebra, Zebra Light Red, Cameleon and SnowTiger. The ideal goggle for all those who want a maximum of ventilation during a great day’s skiing and no misting during breaks or in the cable car. Real comfort!

• Spherical double lens

• Photochromic REACTIV lens• Anatomic frame

• Minimalist Frame

• SuperFlow System

• Air Flow

• Ventilated lens

• Anti-fog coating

• Axis strap

• Symmetrical adjustment• Full silicone strap

• Dual soft foam

• Protective peak


Both goggle colours come with the Reactiv Zebra Light Red category 1-3 photochromic lens with a Blue lens coating.


S+W Verdict:

“The brilliant performance both on the climbs and descents makes the Aerospace surely one of the ultimate no-compromise freeride and free touring goggles, with a host of brilliant features such as unparalleled ventilation from the SuperFlow system, a huge field of vision and superb clarity from the Reactive lenses.”


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