Karakoram Dual Speed Riser


Standard issue with Primes for 2018, but a nice  upgrade!

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Gone are the days of standing before a steep approach struggling to engage your climbing woires with your pole handle.  Our all-new Dual Speed risers allow you to use only your pole basket to quickly engage or adjust on the fly.  The wider platform allows for better edge control, and the easy to use Heel-Lock feature is perfect for skating, side stepping and traversing.

  • Activate with pole basket; simple and easy
  • Dual height
  • Retractable Heel-Lock – flip it  up when you need it


  • Works with all Karakoram bindings
  • Heel-lock only works with Karakoram Prime System bindings


S+W Verdict:

“Much improved for 2018! Come standard with the new Primes  for 2018, but a great upgrade for Split30users, old Prime users, or spares.”


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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions8 × 4 × 2 cm


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