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Kenwood TH-K20E


Reliable high power, handheld radio from Kenwood.

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The TH-K2E is one of the three new handhelds from Kenwood. High power 5W operation with the standard supplied Ni-MH (1100mAh) battery. 100 memory channels plus 1 call channel. Internal VOX for hands-free operation and built-in charging circuit, battery can be charged whilst operating from a 13.8V supply. It’s minimal keypad makes it exceptionally easy to use.

Our Kenwoods are all supplied wide banded as standard.

Comes with the two pin euro plug, so need an adaptor for the UK. These are pretty cheap and readily available.



S+W Verdict:

“Boringly reliable! Bit heavy compared to the VX3R but the power and durability cannot be beaten”