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Kortel Kliff II


Kliff II, a second skin…



The Kliff II is the reference mountain harnesses, and integrates the 3D molded geometry!

This technology offers unparalleled comfort for such a lightweight harness. It is also the only harness which can be connected directly to the wing without carabiners!

It is also equipped with the exclusive “Konnect” loop system.

Detachable leg straps
Groundbreaking buckle, lightweight, simple and safe.

Dyneema construction
The tensile strength of steel yet eight times lighter.

Integrated connector
Revolutionary integrated connector system! No more carabiners needed.

SMLXLMass (g)185190195200CertificationEN 1651

S & W Verdict

“Great for Alpinism, kiting, paragliding and speedflying where more than one harness is needed. It can accept any climbing harness but we stock an utralight ski touring/alpinism model if needed.”