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Le Bip Bip +



leBipBip+ New Edition

Solar powered audio variometer for paragliding with new design and improved features


Free your mind and go fly without thinking about your instrument and battery!

leBipBip+ is solar powered with an internal li-ion battery.

The instrument is always charging thanks to a large top solar cell, even when switched OFF, giving you more than 100h autonomy if used without sun.


We heard you: you need a strong and clear beep.

This new version, leBipBip+, boasts a 4 times louder tone than its predecessor (82dB).

With a new buzzer and a redesigned resonance chamber (front grid), the loud beep enables its use not only on helmet or shoulder strap but also on cockpit or riser, even with a full face helmet.

Furthermore, the vario tone response has been improved to match every pilot’s expectation, from accurate weak lift information to strong lift with a calmer tone.


Free flying means free, free from the crowds, and of course free from noise: by selecting the silent mode, the audio beep is disabled and only the side LED blinks, accordingly to the lift rate. Green for lift and red for sink.

For paramotor pilots, it’s an easy way to check the ascent rate despites the engine noise.


leBipBip+ has a third type of tone : the weak lift buzzer.

This indication tone is made of short modulations indicating weak lift (between -30cm/s and your positive lift threshold, (default is +20cm/s), not strong enough to thermal but helping you to find thermal standing nearby.

On the image, grey pilot doesn’t have his weak lift buzzer activated, while green pilot has it activated. The buzzer sounds when he flies through weak lift, allowing to search for the thermal core.


The vario lift tone threshold, and reactivity time are configurable, leaving you the choice when you want to hear the lifting beeps.

This lift sensitivity is adjustable from 10cm/s to 50cm/s, with reactivity slow or fast (default setting is fast)


The sink alarm (default setting: disabled), is selectable by -0.50m step, and gives a clear feedback to the pilot when entering strong sink.

Settings go from -1 m/s to -3.5 m/s, and alarm off.


Compact and robust, it makes the perfect companion for tandem, competition backup, hike&fly !

5.7 x 3.6 x 1.7cm (2.2″ x 1.5″ x 0.6″)

25gr (1.2oz)


S*W Verdict:

“A good value and well-featured vario.  Solar powered with an internal battery”