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The innovative Kingpin has earned its stripes as the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology. With DIN/ISO 13992:2007 certification from Germany’s prestigious TÜV testing organization, the Kingpin’s unique toe and heel pieces are the culmination of years of R&D testing. Ease of use, DIN/ISO certified release function, and best of all, unbeatable power transmission while on the descent mean that you’ve never had a day in the backcountry like the ones you’ll have on the Kingpin. Apart from these benefits this binding offers tremendous walking and step-in comfort with individually adjustable stop points, wide drill pattern, 6-pack Power Springs on front and XXL Power Transmitter for impressive power transfer and climbing aids from 0° to 13°.


Kingpin Heel:

The revolutionary heel construction for the PinTech bindings features wide sole contact points to deliver the kind of direct, lossless power transfer more frequently seen in alpine bindings.

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Kingpin Toe:

The PinTech design on the KingPin toe piece promotes an ergonomic rolling up the foot and the most direct possible connection to the ski. Six steel springs capture the energy optimally, up to a DIN setting of 13. Individually adjustable positioning blocks make it quick and easy to step in no matter what the conditions.

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Climbing Aid (Kingpin):

Good climbing aids have one thing in common: Whatever the situation, they can be operated by feel, even when the skier can’t see them clearly. Simplicity is a virtue here, and reduced exertion is even better. The KINGPIN wins hearts and minds through two integrated climbing aids (7° and 13°) that are easily deployed or stowed using the basket of the pole. They can also be operated conveniently using the tip of the pole, allowing them to work with any basket style. Because the climbing aids are positioned in the upper center of the heel piece, they are always easy to reach.

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  • Weight: 650 g w/o brake, 750 g w/ brake
  • Din/ISO Range: 5.0 – 10.0
  • Recom. Skier’s Weight: 30 – 105 kg
  • Stand height w/o ski: 21 mm
  • Toe System: Kingpin Pintech Toe
  • Step-in Heel: Kingpin Heel


S+W Verdict:

“The now legendary Kingpin continues to be the benchmark for Freetouring pin bindings. They climb brilliantly due to the pin toe pieces, but it’s the descending performance that makes the Kingpins so special:  The wide mountings, six front springs and of course the unique heel give great power transmission and confidence for killing it on the way back down. The perfect partner to any of our freeride/freetouring skis”



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