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Marker Ultra Flex goggles


One of the widest angle views – simple, lightweight and flexible – the perfect touring and back-up goggle.



One of the widest angle views – simple, lightweight and flexible – the perfect touring and back-up goggle.

Radical lightweight construction with a highly flexible lens. A frameless option provided by advancements in lens coating technology. Super Anti-Fog NMT+ does not require large vent holes any more, and therefore no frame. This goggle is so light, you will hardly feel it when worn. Thanks to these technological advancements, the Ultra-Flex sits much closer to the face, allowing for unparallelled panoramic vision.



Size: L


  • Super Anti-Fog Inner Lens
  • NMT+ Optics (3rd Eyelid)
  • Spherical lens
  • 100% UV A/B/C Technology


  • Xdry Face Foam
  • Superfit Frame
  • Anti-Slip Silicon goggle Strap
  • Full REVO
  • Super Lightweight
  • Ultra Flexible

Certification: CE-EN-174-2001-optical-Class-1




New SUPER ANTI-FOG coating of the inner lens of the goggles, which offers no grip to water molecules and reliably prevents fogging of the lens.



Comfortable and extra soft! The XDRY construction ensures optimal fit and comfortable wear. The soft fleece layer on the skin absorbs moisture and transports it to the outside.



The high-quality, top-durability goggle straps distribute the pressure around the head for the perfect hold without irritating pressure points. Thanks to the heat applied silicon coating on the interior of the goggle straps, they sit rock-solid on any helmet for slip-free performance.



Revo shines through their ‘Revo Light Management System,’ which successfully manages the full spectrum of light, even HEV light. Then it filters out harmful UV light, while selectively allowing light that is helpful for vision precision and clarity. All lenses made by Revo feature the ‘Digital Polarized PlusTM’ technology for 100% polarization to protect you against glare, yet still allows you to view any blue light devices.



Ultra Flex goggles are extremely twistable thanks to highly flexible lens, particularly resistant and almost unbreakable. They can be “folded” and stowed in any pocket, no matter how small. This creates space for other things, especially in the touring backpack.


S+W Verdict:

“A really awesome option for split boarding and ski touring. Lightweight and flexible enough to fit in your pack for when you need it and with good performance and an excellent field of vision when in use. Great for those with hot heads who need to wear glasses on the climbs but want more protection on the way down.”


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