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Mountain King Trail Blaze Carbon


Go Light.

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4 Section high performance carbon fibre alloy trail pole (sold & priced in pairs).
Carbide wear tip
Wrist strap
Airflow grip
Trekking baskets
Mesh bag
Length 110 cm, Weight 103 grams
Length 115 cm, Weight 105 grams
Length 120 cm, Weight 106 grams
Length 125 cm, Weight 107 grams
Length 130 cm, Weight 109 grams

S+W Verdict:
“Walking poles are great for helping on climbs by sharing the load between the upper body and legs. As poles go thses are pretty special. As used by both SG and Jan here at S and W, they arevirtually staff issue! Super light and fold into 4 to easily fit in rear pockets of paragliding harnesses or rucksacks.”