Naviter Hyper


Hyper – Light, Simple, Powerful.

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Hyper’s pocket size and advanced features make it ideal for your daily flying activities including hike-and-fly adventures. It will help you navigate simple routes and around complex airspace and also record all the details of your flight.




  • Pocket size (107 x 70 x 18 mm)
  • Lightweight (135 g)
  • Sunlight-readable color touch display
  • Wi-Fi for flight log and data transfer
  • Airspace
  • GPS Task Navigation
  • Excellent Vario

Hyper gives you enough information to put you on track to your target, avoid airspace, accurately core and return to thermals, and make every thermal count.


Hike & Fly


The Hyper weighs only 135g, but despite this low weight and pocket size, battery life is between 12-36 hours.

In Hike & Fly mode, your ground based track log will also be recorded. You might not know where you’ll end up, but your Hyper will have all the latest airspace and maps to help you.

Having contoured terrain in full colour helps you pick your way through unexplored back country.

Naviter Hyper - Four Configurable Screens



Naviter Hyper - Thermal Assistant

Naviter Hyper - Airspace View and Warnings

Naviter Hyper - Waypoints and Go To

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S+W Verdict:

“Cracking piece of kit, so small, light and neat, great vario, and a really nice screen”.