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Niviuk Roamer 2




The new Roamer 2 is the most versatile Niviuk harness. This improved reversible harness and rucksack is always ready for action. Your ideal companion for mountain flying, speed flying or speed riding.


Confort at maximum power

Based on an idea of total comfort and performance, the Roamer 2 incorporates a new and effective system of load distribution which adapts to the pilot at all times.

 Reversible and more versatile than ever

It is not only a better harness, but an improved rucksack as well. A modern look, innovative technology and ease of carrying were the guiding principles behind this ergonomic design.

 The perfect balance

Less weight and volume, with more strength and much more performance. The perfect option for any adventure.



Harness Features:

  • o Seat with separate leg straps for comfort and manoeuverability.
  • o Simple and sturdy buckle system based on a square buckle design that provides complete safety and ease of use with only two locking points, instead of the three that are commonly used.
  • o Better load distribution thanks to oriented, reinforced transversal seams to avoid hard lumps, folds or excessive tension in the material.
  • o Simple set-up and adjustment system, intuitive and easy to use, optimising the maximum front adjustment possibilities.
  • o Ronstan pulleys with ball bearings for the speed bar come as standard.
  • o Parachute Ready for a front-mounted rescue (the Front Rescue Container is optional).
  • o Airbag Ready: possibility of attaching and connecting a self-inflating airbag system. We stock with airbag included in the price. Please get in touch if you fancy the harness only option.
  • o Compatible with IKS3000, the lightweight connection for Niviuk harnesses and risers. (Optional)
  • o Compatible with automatic maillones and carabiners of 30/40 mm The Roamer 2 not only stands out for its capabilities as a harness. No carabiners are included!

Rucksack Features:

• Compact design.

• Exterior compartments:

  • o Outer compartment with adjustable bungee cord.
  • o Mesh side compartments.
  • o Zip pocket.
  • o Integrated waist strap.
  • o Exterior net for helmet attachment and storage.
  • o Support for walking poles, ice axes and / or skis.

• Internal compartments:

  • o Zip pocket.
  • o Mesh pocket.

• Materials and straps:

  • o Removable lumbar support strap.
  • o Breathable fabric on the back and shoulder area and waist strap made from and AirMesh foam.
  • o Waterproof fabric.
  • o Side compression straps.
  • o Reinforced base.

• Adjustments and buckles:

  • o Symmetrical main zip.
  • o Height-adjustable front fastening straps.
  • o Height-adjustable shoulder straps.
  • o Tilt-adjustment straps.
  • o Internal attachment clip.
  • o Carrying handle.

• DrinkTube Ready:

Easy installation of any hydration bag system.



Medium: 37l pack, 155-175cm pilot.

Large: 45l pack, 170-190cm pilot.

Extra large: 50l pack, 185-200cm pilot.


S+W Verdict:

“Great VFM, comfy, and well built! Great to fly and to carry. We stock WITH the airbag, so get in touch if you want the harness only option. Please note you’ll need carabiners, softlinks or maillons to fly!”

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