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Nova Paragliders

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Nova have been in the paragliding market since 1989 and are based in Hungary. Developing their own software for unique paragliding design over these years Nova have such confidence in the their products that you can enjoy a 3 year guarantee on materials and workmanship which can be extended to 4 years.
S&W can arrange demos for you to try before you buy, get in touch for more details.

If you would like more information on the Nova products that we sell, please drop us an email or contact us by phone!




Ion 6
The fundamentally redesigned ION 6 (EN/LTF B) is the next generation of the popular ION series. The result: high passive safety, particularly precise handling and maximum performance to achieve personal XC goals.

S&W Verdict
“The Nova Ion 5 is a strong seller for a reason and the 6 is undoubtedly going to be a vast improvement. Safe but no slouch in performance! Hits the spot for a number of pilots. Why not give us a shout for pricing and trade in options?”



Mentor 6
For many years the MENTOR series has been synonymous with top performance in the EN B class. The MENTOR 6 continues this tradition, complementing the strengths of its predecessors with innovations that enhance its performance even more. Broaden your horizons with the master in its class.

S&W Verdict
“The class leading high end EN B! The Mentor has always been good, but the latest version is brilliant! Get in touch if you fancy a go, or to chat about trading in your existing wing, or demoing other, similar wings.”



Mentor 7 Light
The MENTOR 7 Light is characterised by its completely new design as a “hybrid 2.5-liner” and carries the genes of the XENON. Thanks to the drastically increased performance, its cross-country potential sets new standards in the EN B class. With its intelligent lightweight design, we are meeting the great demand for light, durable XC gliders.

S&W Verdict
“A drastic imporvemnt from the Mentor 6. 2.5 Liner with increased performance and a lighter wing all round, this is perfect for the hike and fly XC pilot.”


The PHANTOM offers the safety of a basic intermediate with the performance of a top-end wing. This has been made possible through probably the most complex construction ever used in a serial-production wing.

S&W Verdict
“One of a kind! The Nova Phantom is a unique concept. Not cheap, but cutting edge rarely is. Interested? Why not get in touch for timescale, pricing, and trade in options.”



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