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Ortovox Freerider 16


Protector And The Most Essential Equipment Packed!




ORTOVOX protects. This guiding principle was also the central focus during the development of our FREE RIDER: The downhill backpack for freeriders has an SPS Flex BACK PROTECTOR, which combines the back system and protector into a FLEXIBLE UNIT. Built from EIGHT PADS that remain comfortably flexible even in the cold, the TÜV-certified protector adapts to the body and absorbs impact. We use SAS-TEC protective foam. After outward applications of force, this VISCOELASTIC foam quickly returns to its original shape. In contrast to other cushioning materials, it is can also WITHSTAND MULTIPLE IMPACTS (impacts do not destroy the protectors) and is even responsive to small applications of force. Cushioning occurs in a near-linear fashion, which keeps stress on

the human body low.

In addition to the optimized back protector, our FREE RIDER 16 has been given some new and improved features: thanks to the ski and snowboard fastenings, you’ll be able to handle even the steepest of climbs. A new, fully-integrated helmet net, hydration system compatibility and a wide hip belt for an optimal close fit are standard features of the FREERIDE SERIES, as are the ice axe and hiking pole fastening and safety compartment. But this does not mean added weight – on the contrary: the FREE RIDER 16 has been made significantly lighter.

As with all ORTOVOX backpacks, the FREERIDE SERIES includes our emergency card: In the case of an emergency, the card provides information about the injured person and therefore allows for faster and more efficient treatment.


Those who get away from the masses and head to the mountains need protection. But only gear that fits properly can protect the body perfectly. That’s the reason why the ORTOVOX FREERIDER line comes in three different sizes. With our TÜV-certified protectors, we offer injury protection for every height and back length.

Back length of 42 – 50cm and a height of approx. 170 – 195cm .

Wide wraparound hip strap ensures the protector fits perfectly – especially when it matters most.


S+W Verdict:

“So unnoticeable you will think you have forgot it, lighter and even better fitting. An impressive step forward”.


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