Prowder Binding Saddles


Super Versatile Puck System!



• This Prowder Saddle system is the most versatile binding connection system on the market. It attaches to three types of boards. DIY splitboards, factory splitboards and your standard snowboard. With years of design, testing and manufacturing perfection, our Binding Saddle is unleashed like a raging bull!

• The hardened stainless steel and aluminum Binding Saddle system provides superior binding connection strength with improved ergonomics for easy configuration and adjustment.

• DIY splitboard mounting: The Saddle system mounts to your existing 4×4 or 4×2 insert holes in a DIY splitboard. This method doesn’t involve drilling excess holes in your board, weakening the structure while increasing the risk of board failure and delamination. Using competitors systems on a DIY splitboard requires drilling holes, installing T-nuts and filling the holes. If you want to upgrade to factory splitboard this system is interchangeable.

• Standard Splitboard mounting: The Prowder Binding Saddle mounts to the standard factory splitboard hole patterns.

• Snowboard mounting: You can mount this system to your everyday snowboard. Splitboard bindings are expensive, and with this system you can use one set of bindings for all your boards!

• The Saddles rotate both directions up to 25deg & 45deg with minor modifications to the inner slide track.

• The Saddle can be move up and down to center your binding on the board. This allows you to center your boots and bindings on your board. Competitors systems can’t do this. This feature is also ideal for a custom split setup because often the material removed in the center of the board which will offset the puck alignment, our system accounts for this and can be adjusted.

• This system has upgraded stainless steel socket screws that are easy to install on a new, used or custom splitboards. A standard 4MM hex key will tighten the system. Socket screws can get tighter than a Philips giving you a tighter and more secure connection.

S+W Verdict:

“Super versatile puck alternative! Abililty to work with existing binding inserts on a DIY is interesting!!”


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