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Advance Alpha 6 24 (60-80Kg. Incr. 80-95kg) EnA. Good condition. £1,595

Advance Sigma 8 25 (75-95kg) EnC. Good condition. Excellent porosity. £295

Advance Sigma 10 25 (80-100kg) EnC. Well loved. Fair porosity. (Ref 3468). £750

Advance Sigma 10 27 (92-114kg) EnC. Good condition. Good – Excellent porosity. £799

Advance Epsilon 8 25 (70-90kg) EnB. Fair porosity. £449

Advance Epsilon 9 28 (92-114kg) EnB. As new porosity, 14hours, Aubergine colours. £2,695

Advance Iota 30 (105-130kg) High EnB. Good condition. Selling for a customer. £699

Advance Xi 29 (105-128) High EnB. Good condition. Good porosity. Selling for customer £1595

Advance Xi 23 (70-88kg) High EnB. Very good condition. Full service. Selling for customer £1,500 (#447, GJ)

AirDesign Vira 2 XXS (50-65kg) EnB. Excellent Porosity. £1,199

BGD Epic M/L (90-105kg) EnB. Good condition. Has a service report. £1,899

Gin Bolero 6 XL (100-135kg) EnA. Service in Sept 2021. Selling for customer. £1,599 (DB)

Gin Calypso XS (65-85kg). EnB. In very good condition. £2,195

Nova Ion 3 S (80-100kg) EnB. Good condition. Comes with Ozone saucisse. £499

Nova Mentor 5 S (80-100kg) EnB. Good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,499

Nova Mentor 5 XS (70-90kg) EnB. Good condition with a good porosity report. £1,399

Nova Mentor 4 M (90-110kg) High EnB. Well loved with good/fair porosity. £795

Nova Mentor 4 XS (70-90kg) High EnB. Good – Very good condition. Fully serviced. £599

Nova Mentor 3 M (90-110kg) High EnB. Good Porosity. Good/Fair condition. £499

Ozone Alpina 2 M/L (85-105kg) EnC. 2014 model. Current service from the Loft. Fair condition. Ready to go. £799

Ozone Buzz Z6 M/L (85-105kg) EnB. Very good condition. 25hours flown from new. Includes parameter risers and standard risers. £1,995

Ozone Buzz Z6 M/L (85-105kg) EnB. Good condition with Good porosity report. Comes with GIN concertina bag and Ozone rucksack £1,599

Ozone Delta 2 L (95-115kg) EnC. good condition. £395

Ozone Mojo 5 / Power (95-115kg PG / 95-150kg PWR) EnA. Very good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,695

Ozone Mojo 5  (80-100kg) EnA. Very good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,695

Ozone Rush 3 L (95-115kg) High enB. Good used condition with good porosity. £595

Ozone Rush 5 L (95-115kg) High EnB. Good condition with good porosity report. £1,299

Ozone Rush 6 S (65-85kg) High EnB. As new condition with less than 12 hours. Selling for customer £2,995

Ozone Swift 4 M/L (85-105kg) EnB. Good porosity report. Good condition. £799

Phi Symphonia 24 (90-110kg) EnA. Very good condition. <12 hours. £2,099

Phi Beat 26 (105-130kg) En B. Excellent condition, fully serviced and ready to go £2399

U-Turn Emotion 3 M (80-105kg) EnA. Excellent porosity. Very good condition. Fully Serviced. Great first glider £1495

U-Turn Infinity 4 M (75-105kg) EnB. Good – Excellent porosity. £899

U-Turn Infinity 5 M (75-105kg) EnB. Good – Excellent porosity. Full service, ready to go. Concertina bag incl. £1,695

U-Turn Vision S (80-97kg) EnB. Good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,895

Skywalk Arak L (95-120kg) EnB. Very good condition. Comes with brand new Skywalk Alpine 90L rucksack. £2,595

Skywalk Spice S (85-105kg) EnC. Good condition. Fair / Good porosity check. £600

Skywalk Mescal 5 M (85-110kg) EnA. Good condition. Full service. Comes with rucksack £1,595

Skywalk Masala 5 L (95-120kg) EnA. Good condition. Comes with Skywalk rucksack. £2,195

Supair Leaf S (75-95Kg) EnB. Good condition. £1,595

Triple Seven Rook 3 M/S (80-95kg)EnB. As new in excellent condition. Comes with concertina bag and rucksack 110. £2,695

Triple Seven King 2 M/S (80-97kg) EnD. Hardly flown, very good condition. £2,295

Triple Seven K-Light M/L – EnB. 85kg to 105kg. As new. Selling for customer. £1,599

Triple Q-Light L (100-120kg) EnC. 10 hours use, very good condition. Excellent porosity. Concertina bag incl. Selling for customer (NW). £1,995