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Advance Alpha 5 31 (100-130kg). EnA. Serviced at The Loft. Good condition. Porosity and service notes included. £579

Advance Alpha 6 28 (85-110kg). EnA. Increased Take-off weight 110-125kg (En-A). Excellent condition. recent service. £1,799

Advance Sigma 10 25 (80-100kg) EnC. Well loved. Fair porosity. (Ref 3468). £895

Advance Sigma 10 27 (92-114kg) EnC. Good condition. Good – Excellent porosity. £899

Advance Omega XAlps 3 24 (95-110kg) EnD. Lightweight XC very good condition, 70 hours, selling for customer. £2,999

Advance Xi 29 (105 – 128kg) EnB. Good-Excellent Porosity check. Good condition £1,750

AirDesign VIta 2 XXS (50-65kg) EnB. Excellent Porosity. £1,199

BGD Epic M/L (90-105kg) EnB. Good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,899

BGD Epic M/L (90-105kg) EnB. Good condition. Has a service report. £1,899

Gin Leopard S (85-102kg). EnD. 25 hours, as new, Red. Selling for customer. Bargain. £2,695

Gin Bonanza 2 L (95-115kg). EnC. 35hrs. Bargain! Very good condition. £1,695

Gin Sprint 3 L (95-115kg). EnB. Very good condition! Excellent porosity. £1,299

Niviuk Hook 3 (80-100kg) EnB. Good condition. £795

Nova PHANTOM M (90-110kg) EnB. Excellent porosity and fully serviced, ready to go. £1,395

Nova Mentor 5 M (90-110kg) High EnB. Good condition. (choice of 2) £1,595

Nova Mentor 5 S (80-100kg) High EnB. Good condition. Porosity excellent. (Ref 1957) £1,595

Nova Mentor 5 S (80-100kg) EnB. Good condition. £1,499

Nova Mentor 4 M (90-110kg) High EnB. Well loved with good/fair porosity. £795

Nova Mentor 6 S (80-100kg) EnB. Excellent Porosity. Very good condition. £1,995

Ozone Alpina 2 M/L (85-105kg) EnC. 2014 model. Current service from the Loft. Fair condition. Ready to go. £799

Ozone Rush 3 L (95-115kg) High enB. Good used condition with good porosity. £595

Ozone Mojo 5 M (80-100kg) EnA. Excellent porosity and recent Aerofix service. Perfect beginners wing. £1,599

Ozone Delta 3 M/L (85-105kg) EnC. Very good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,299

Ozone M6 S/M (80-95kg) EnD. good condition. Ecellent porosity. £600

Ozone Rush 5 S (65-85kg) EnB. Good condition. £1,495

Ozone Ultralight 4 23 (65-105kg) EnA. As new, excellent condition. Comes in a brand new 777 concertina compress bag. £1,899

UP Summit XC3 M (90-115kg) High end En B. Good Porosity. £395

U-Turn Infinity 4 M (75-105kg) EnB. Good – Excellent porosity. £899

U-Turn Vision S (80-97kg) EnB. Good condition. Excellent porosity. £1,895

Skywalk Arak L (95-120kg) EnB. Very good condition. Comes with brand new Skywalk Alpine 90L rucksack. £2,595

Skywalk Spice S (85-105kg) EnC. Good condition. Fair / Good porosity check. £600

Skywalk Tequila 5 M (95-115kg  extended weight range 120kg) Mid EnB. selling for customer. £1,995

Swing Arcus RS L (95-115kg) Low EnB. As new condition. Excellent porosity. Great first wing. £1,795

Triple Seven King 2 M/S (80-97kg) EnD. Hardly flown, very good condition. £2,995