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Pod Harnesses

Advance Impress 3 pod (note this is the Pod only, not the harness !)  Large race pod , Large, that accepts 2 reserves. £99 .

Advance Impress 3. Pod only. Large. Good condition. £100

Advance Impress 3. Pod only. Medium. Good condition. £100

Gin Genie lite2 Pod Harness Medium. Excellend condition ready to at bargin.£799

Supair Skipper2. pod harness.Medium good condition  with 2 reserve options £895

Supair Skypper. Pod harness. Large good condition ready to go £395

Woody Valley GTO Light. XL Pod harness and matching bag, as new Bargain £899

Nearbird Zippy. Pod harness. Large. Complete with rucksack and reserve front pod. Good condition.£299

Ozone Forza. Pod Harness Medium with M soft shell pod. Good condition. £795

Ozone F Race. Pod harness ultralight, M, shop display/flown once £999, as NEW.



Open Harnesses

Gin Basis  Open Harness Medium. Good condition ready to go £149

Gin Gingo2. Open harness Medium. Inc krabs, speed system and rucksack. good/fair £175

Gin Verso2 Reversable open harness. XL  Inc krabs and speed system, good used condition £449

Niviuk Hamak2 Open Harness. Medium. Includes Krabs. Excellent condition £339

Niviuk Hamak. Open Harness. MediumInk Krabs Very good condition £295

Independence X Pro Open harness, Medium. as new very good condition £399

Supair Altix2 Open harness Small. Inc krabs and speed system, very good condition. £179

Woody Valley Haska 2 Open harness Medium Good condition inc carbon speed bar. £449


Tandem Kit

Nivuk Transat Tandem Pilot Harness Medium, As new ready to do £295