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Pod Harnesses

Advance Impress 2. Pod Harness Medium. Good condition, seat boarded pod harness. £159

Advance Impress 3. Pod Harness Large with Large pod with rucksack. Used but tidy condition. £295

Advance Impress 3 Pod (note this is the Pod only, not the harness!) Large race pod. Large, that accepts 2 reserves. £99

Advance Impress 3. Pod only Medium. Good condition. £100

Gin Genie Light Pod Harness Large. Good condition. £249

Gin Genie lite2 Pod Harness Medium. Excellent condition. Ready to fly. Bargain. £799

Near Birds Zippy. Pod Harness Large. Good condition. Light weight harness. £299

Supair Skipper2. Pod Harness Medium. Good condition with 2 reserve options. £895

Supair Skypper. Pod Harness Large. Good condition. Ready to fly. £395

Swing Connect Race Pod Harness X-Large. Good condition. Hook knife and Krabs incl. £595

Woody Valley GTO Light. XL Pod Harness and matching bag. As new. Bargain. £899

Woody Valley GTO Light. Pod Harness Medium. Very good condition. £749

Ozone Forza. Pod Harness Medium with Medium soft shell pod. Good condition. £795

Avasport Tanto Light. Pod Harness. Large Good condition lightweight seat boarded pod harness. £399


Open Harnesses

Advance Axess 3 Air Open Harness Large. Good condition. £350

Advance Axess 4 Open Harness Large. Good condition. krabs included. £579

BGD Snug Open Harness Medium. New condition, never flown. £499

Gin Gingo Airlite 4 Open Harness Medium. As new. Gin cockpit included with price. £570

Gin Switch Opens Harness OSFA. Good condition. Speedbar and Krabs incl. £199

Gin Convertible 2 + Airbag Open Harness Large. Great condition, hardly used. Comes with the removable airbag. £479

Niviuk Hamak. Open Harness Medium. Inc krabs. Very good condition. £295

Independence X Pro Open Harness Medium. As new, very good condition. £399

Independence Looping Open Harness Medium. Good condition, reversible. £549

Skywalk Cult Open Harness Medium. As new condition, no marks, clean condition. Ready to go. £675

Woody Valley Haska 2 Open Harness Medium. Good condition, inc carbon speed bar. £449

Woody Valley Wani Light 2 Open Harness Medium. Good condition. Reversible harness. £499

Kortel Design Karma 2 Open harness Medium. Good condition, Inc. speedbar and krabs. £295