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Skywalk Breeze


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Simple. Modular. Versatile.

The BREEZE is a recreational harness with a simple design that fulfills the most diverse demands. In short, it is: comfortable, safe, lightweight and modular!

The BREEZE has no seat board. Its shell encloses the body perfectly and ensures maximum comfort. We chose a moderate height for the suspension points. In this way, the geometry allows an intuitive transmission of control pulses and weight shifting. Security was at the top of the to-do list for the BREEZE. With this harness we are integrating the PermAir technology developed for the Red Bull X-Alps for the first time in a recreational harness. The permanant air protector combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors. PermAir offers maximum damping with minimal weight and space requirements in the rucksack.

A large back storage compartment with attachment for a hydration pack and a removable cockpit provide ample storage space.

The modular design of the BREEZE makes it possible to separate the cover from the seat shell. That converts the PermAir LINE to the PURE LINE and drops the weight of the already lighweight harness about 50%.

Protector with PermAir Technology


With the BREEZE we are integrating the PermAir technology in a recreational harness for the first time. PermAir combines the advantages of both foam and ram air protectors. PermAir provides maximum damping with minimum weight – even during takeoff.

Modular System

The BREEZE features a unique modular design. When in the PermAir LINE, the BREEZE offers plenty of protection during takeoff thanks to our PermAir protector, making it ideal for beginners or schooling. The cover, including protector, can be separated from the seat in less than a minute.

Front Pocket with integrated Cockpit

The pocket offers space for a camera, snacks or a battery pack and serves double-duty as a cockpit. The angle of the cockpit can be adapted to the visibility conditions!

Storage Compartments

The back storage compartment in the PermAir LINE offers ample space as well as a sleeve for hydration bladder. The back compartment in the PURE LINE offers about 15l of storage space for the most necessary equipment.

RECCO® Reflector


International standard: The RECCO-reflector accelerates rescue operations and helps to safe lives.

Technical Data

S & W Verdict:

“Really interesting & unique product, can be set up with back protection & reserve for normal flying, and stripped back for hike and fly.  The PermAIR back protection means that the pack size is amazingly small”