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Woody Valley Crest





The Crest is a new harness weighing only 1.98 kg (size M). It is a reversible harness with a completely detachable rucksack. The Crest S and M come complete with a 55-liter rucksack, while the Crest L and XL with a 70-liter rucksack.




Here are some of its features:

New color combination anthracite-orange
No seat board
Leg strap loops in the main carabiners
4 sizes available (S-M-L-XL)
Self-inflating Airbag protection
Completely detachable reversible rucksack included
Standard two-step light speed bar with foot elastic
Built-in Recco safety system
Side pockets with zip




Rucksack features

This rucksack is designed for maximum compactness without losing precious room or comfort!

Here are some of its features:

Volume-reduce system
Conmpression side zips
Holder for ice axe and trekking poles
Cellphone Velcro holder on the shoulder
Camelbak pocket
Elastic rear pocket
Elastic side pockets
Outside pocket with zip






S&W Verdict
“This is going to be a huge seller on the Hike & Fly market! Super lightweight harness which doesn’t skimp on protection or quality.”


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