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Woody Valley Haska 2


Even more comfortable, even lighter, even more secure, even more Haska.

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With the Haska2, Woody Valley have taken a successful design and reinvented its potential. They listened to your advice, perfecting Haska down to the smallest details.

To do that, They made it lighter, more secure and more comfortable, making it into the no-compromise harness.

Weight 3.87kg for the M size

New sizing including a small

Choice of Blue or Green

Optional side impact and additional back protection

Haska2 consolidates the spring airbag system developed on Haska, ensuring the Airbag is always inflated and ready to go.

S+W Verdict:

“Remarkably comfy, reassuring protection that can be upped to side impact and additional back, and really light. Build quality is usually WV high standard. looks like a winner!”