Woody Valley Wani 2


Product enquiry


Here at Sick & Wrong we have been very impressed with this, the second version of Woody Valleys reversible Wani harness.  A spring system in the air bag ensures that the airbag is inflated on the ground before launch, the harness has an optional ‘Lightshield’ back protector, and the large volume of  the rucksack allows standard sized wings to be easily packed away.

The Wani 2 comes in 2 colour options: blue/black and green/black.  We will aim to keep the blue/black in stock, with the green/black available to order.



Woody Valley Wani 2 colour blue-black

Safety : Inflated on take off


Woody Valley Wani 2 - spring

The internal spring does not cushion the impact but allows the airbag to inflate and remain inflated, both on the ground and in flight.


Extra Safety: Lightshield Protection (Optional Extra)


Woody Valley Wani 2 Lightshield back protector

Extra Back Protection form the Lightshield back Protector (Optional Extra)


Details that make a difference:


New elastic system which returns speed bar to its place

Woody Valley Wani 2 - speedbar


Right and left side identified by different colour loops and carabiners


Woody Valley Wani 2 - carabiner colours


Ergonomic rucksack design:


Woody Valley Wani 2 rucksack back

Woody Valley Wani 2 rucksack front


Watch the Video for a summary of the Wani 2 features:


CertificationEN – LTF
Type of strapsT-Lock
Type of protectionSelf-inflating airbag
Number of certification T-Lock systemEAPR-GZ-0266/14
Reserve parachute housingUnder the seat, with lateral handle
Total weight*3,82 Kg4,05 Kg4,28 Kg4,42 Kg
Distance between karabiner and seat43 cm45 cm47 cm48 cm
Distance between karabiners (min – max)37,5 – 48 cm37,5 – 51,5 cm
Dimensions of polypropylene seat
Width rear33 cm35 cm37 cm38 cm
Width front30 cm32 cm34 cm34,5 cm
Width front34,5 cm36,5 cm39 cm39,5 cm

*total weight of size L, including reserve parachute handles, carabiners and protection.




S+W Verdict:

“An excellent reversible harness – with advanced safety features and a well designed rucksack that will accommodate most standard sized gliders”