X Dreamfly X One


Redesigned for 2018 – a new lighter fabric has reduced the reserve weight even further.



Modified from the famous cross rescue canopy, the X-one has been newly revised.  The overall weight has been reduced and the packing method has been simplified to make it similar to packing a round canopy.  In addition the design has maintained the excellent pendulum stability of a cross rescue canopy.  All materials used are produced in Europe and are of the highest quality.


The X-One Offers:

  • A simplified method to pack with pack loops
    (almost identical to the round canopy)
  • very small pack size for all sizes
  • lines separated from stowed canopy

    (minimizes the possibility of line loops, optimizing the process of opening)

  • extremely fast opening time

  • high-quality material mix of Dyneema lines and 30g fabric, on the 2018 Update 26g fabric
  • extremely fast opening time
  • unrivaled pendulum stability and low sink rate even in situations with a disturbing mainglider
    (due the cross shape and side blow-off canopy design)
  • no forward drive



X-One 120 – Update 2018

Max load: LTF 120kg, EN 105kg

Weight: 1.24kg

Sink rate at max load: LTF 5.98m/s, EN 5.49 m/s


X-One 160 – Update 2018

Max load: LTF 160kg EN 140kg

Weight: 1.64kg

Sink rate at max load: LTF 6.02 m/s, EN 5.39 m/s


S+W Verdict:

“An ultra low weight square reserve-very stable vertical descent”